Three Quick Ways of Saving Money When Buying Pet Food

Money is on most of our minds and for a lot of us, it can be pretty tight. We make sacrifices every day to stay out of debt but just because your wallet might be a little lighter than you would like it to be, doesn’t mean you or your pet has to suffer. Here are three quick tips for saving money when needing to feed your pet:

1. Promos and freebies
Do you get the Sunday newspaper? Do you get your local pet store’s email newsletter? Many times you will find enticing promos in these where they will have some of your favorite items on sale. You can also see if your store has a membership program much like a loyalty program where if you buy a certain number of products you can get something for free or heavily discounted. Don’t stop at the nearest pet store either. Smaller local stores may have better deals than the big brand-name ones. It’s about research and it can go a long way.

Also, don’t forget about those membership clubs like Costco, BJ’s, or Sam’s Club. Just like you can get anything in bulk here for amazing prices, you may be able to find the food brand your pet prefers. It is also great for those who have multiple animals in their home.

2. Buy high-quality
I know, I know. Some of you may be confused by this. Let me explain: when you buy high-quality food you save in the long run. In fact you, should be doing this from the start. Buying low quality food just for the sake of saving a buck can really hurt your pet and give them health problems in the future.

3. Feedings
Try not to ever leave out a lot of food for your pet. What you can do is refill their bowl of food when it has run out. What this does is save you money as you use less food and it helps prevent your pet from becoming obese. Really, it’s a two-for-one benefit.

**Bonus tip. Get online
with websites like you can save more than you probably thought you could. You can buy some of your favorite brands for dollars cheaper than what you will find in store. A simple Google search can help as well. My advice: don’t go online if you need the food fast. It may take a couple of days to get the pet food because of shipping so instead, use it as a way to bulk save.

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Things to Consider When Buying Pet Food

When it’s time to buy food for your new and beloved pet, first-time pet owners can feel pretty overwhelmed. Just going to a pet store to buy food can be an overwhelming experience as there are so many options to choose from. Making matters worse, it’s difficult finding the best pet food for the best price. Have you recently gotten a new pet or need new food as they age? Here are a couple things you should consider when looking to buy pet food.

1. Your pet’s age
First thing’s first: how old is your pet? It is important to provide the right kind of food for your pet depending on its age. For example, if you have a puppy, their food needs differ from that of a senior dog.

2. The body’s condition
This will most likely apply to pet that are older. Your pet may be overweight, in that case your pet will need to go on a special diet that will help them maintain a healthy weight and the same can go for a pet that is underweight. If your pet is in a healthy body condition, you want to make sure to keep it that way.

3. Your pet’s health history
This may be tougher for those who just have gotten a new pet. Regardless of age you need to be aware of their health history. With a puppy or kitten, it will be fairly easy to tell whether your pet is allergic to certain ingredients in food. Once you have found the culprit of their allergies, make sure to avoid that ingredient when buying pet food. Just like foods humans eat, pet food has the nutritional value within ingredients list: check that. In addition, if your pet has special medical needs, your vet will recommend a specific diet. As an example, my senior dachshund has a history of kidney stones. After finding this out, the vet recommended that he go on a special low calcium diet.

If you bought your pet through special breeder, the breeder will most likely be able to tell you the health history of their older animals and of the parents of your pet. This makes it easier to have an idea of what kind of conditions your pet may face later on.

4. Ingredients in food
As mentioned, you should check the ingredients are used in the pet food. You want to make sure that a has the right combination of vitamins and minerals. If you are proud owner of a cat, buy food that is high in protein and has amino and fatty acids.

5. What’s their preference?
This is when you have to be attentive but don’t worry it’s easy to spot. What kind of food does your pet favor? Is it dry food, wet food, or a mixture of the two? You need and take brands into account as your dog may prefer Iams over Eukanuba.

Pet Food Iams vs Eukanuba

Of course, if you’re really concerned if your pet is getting the best nutrition possible please speak to your veterinarian. After all, they are experts and they will be able to make it easier for you to narrow choices. But really, your pet will make the ultimate choice.

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